Second-Hand Vacation

Imagine you have a friend that spends a month vacationing in the Caribbean, or climbing through the Alps, or whatever else you can think of. Then imagine they meet you for lunch and show you pictures, tell you stories, and really build it up as the best thing you could ever do. What would you […]

Involve – We learn by doing

This is the final post on four words that I think we should be mindful of in Student Ministry. We have discussed the importance of our Walk, Love, and Challenge. Today I would like to discuss the importance of Involving students in ministry. We have probably all heard the saying that we should show them […]

Challenge – Challenge our students to not be content

A month ago we began looking at four words to challenge us as we minister to the students God has placed in our care. The first word we looked at was “Walk” followed by “Love.” Today I want us to consider the responsibility we have to “Challenge” our students. I tell our Youth Workers on […]

Love – No Matter What, Love Our Students

Last week we begin looking at 4 words that will hopefully challenge and encourage us as we minister to teens, beginning with the word “Walk.” This week I want us to consider the love we have for students. I’ve challenged our students over and over to 1) Love God, and 2) Love People. As we […]

Am I a Leader? Or am I a Servant?

Full disclosure: This week’s youth ministry thought is regurgitated from my friend, and someone I greatly look up to, Johnny Derouen. I’ve sat under him in different youth worker training seminars/trainings/workshops/etc. over the past 8 years and the man continually challenges me in my faith, my walk, and student ministry. One day last week he posted the […]

You get out what you put in…

Many of our youth workers may already know this, but I am constantly evaluating myself in our student ministry… Am I doing my best in this area? Are we dropping the ball in this area? Should I be doing more in this area? One thought that has stayed with me for years is that you get out […]

Wording is Important

So, my first weekly Student Ministry Thought was sent via email on May 24. I decided I wanted to type it up and post it here so it’d be easier for me to keep up with what I’ve posted. Just for grins and giggles I’m going to include the text from the entire email. Hey […]

National Chick-Fil-A Day!!!

***This post is being written with no rough draft, only an outline written on a Post-It note, so excuse the Ramblings*** Since it is National CFA day (or national hate-gay day, depending on whose facebook you’re reading), I thought I’d throw my opinion out there to my 4 or 5 subscribers (you really should subscribe […]