What is it worth to you?

Central Student Ministry has had a great, and busy, summer! Vacation Bible School was the last week of June, the very next day we left for our Seattle HS Mission Trip until June 6th. It was followed by a “normal” week, then a small crew went to PraiseWorks at Ouachita Baptist University, and last week we carried a large crew to Camp Fuego at East Texas Baptist University.

One of the questions I asked our students at camp was “who here would say Jesus is not the priority in your life that you know He needs to be?” The majority of hands went up, mine included. My next question was, “what are you willing to do, what changes are you willing to make, to rearrange those priorities to place Jesus on the throne?” It’s a question I had asked several times over the past several months but all of a sudden in my mind, I realized the simplicity of this question… “what is it worth to you?”

Variations of this question have echoed in my mind for weeks, but they’ve all been answers to my own personal thoughts, struggles, and prayers:
– You want to grow in your faith, what is it worth to you?
– You want to become a better father, what are they worth to you?
– You want to see your children experience the love of God, what is it worth to you?
– You want your students to connect to an Authentic Family, what is it worth to you?
– You want to see CSM Staffers and core students investing in other students & discipling them, what is it worth to you?

Is my spiritual growth worth the self-discipline and time management it will take? Are my kids worth the sacrificed time and demonstration of God’s love? Is it worth the restructuring and the intentionality it would take to see students better connected to each other and Central’s church family? Is it worth transitioning my focus and allowing others to lead (& potentially to fail… or not do it like I would *gasp*) to see CSM Staffers and students investing in and discipling students?

Honestly, the answer to each one of those questions should be “Yes! And SO MUCH MORE!” But my commitment to follow-through is often times lacking. My lack of self-discipline and poor time-management is hindering my walk with Jesus and may even be keeping God from doing some really cool stuff in Central’s Student Ministry. And my lack of patience and willingness to relinquish control is definitely keeping others from stepping out in new ways.

So my question to you is this: “Is your walk, your family, your students, worth whatever it is God needs you to change, begin, or completely die to? Are they worth it?”


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