Show Them You Care

Central’s Student Ministry Staff strives to equip students to follow Jesus and develop into committed Christians as they navigate the teenage years into adulthood. We do that through teaching, discipling, and building relationships.

Knowing a student’s name is only the first step to building relationships with our students that foster discipleship. We show them we care by doing intentional things outside of typical programming. Personally, I find myself getting overwhelmed with the number of students in our ministry and trying to effectively show all of them we care about them. Sometimes that overwhelmed feeling leads me to inaction. I’m working on taking small steps to implement SHOWING students our SM cares, even if it’s one student at a time.

For me, easy times are when I’m in the pick up line for my son. I send a text to a handful of students that I haven’t seen in a while. Or when I’m on social media and I see one of my students did something big (game, play, test, etc.) I’ll call or text them a congrats. If you’re using the Min Hub app, every morning at 8:00 you should get a notification on your phone if there are any birthdays in our group. HBD cards or texts are great.

Something I really want to do more of is write 10 cards with 1-2 lines of encouragement to let students know they were thought of and prayed for and stick them in the mail.

Today’s challenge: find a way to show 1 student you care. For the rest of the week, try to show 5 students you care.

Thanks for all you do!


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