Thoughts From A Youth Worker Training

Apparently, yesterday was my six year anniversary of the start of this blog… and today is over 4.5 months since my last blog.

A few weeks ago I went to First Baptist Crystal Beach to lead their youth ministry team in a two day youth worker training with my buddy Ryan Atwood. I had an absolute blast doing one of the things I truly LOVE doing: talking to youth workers about youth ministry! Since that trip, I’ve had a few things on my mind…

First of all, effective student ministry is a team effort. Whether your church has a full time “Youth Guy” or a bi-vocational leader, THEY NEED HELP. FBCCB has a team of volunteers leading a student ministry. They all work full time, have kids and a family, or have a plate full of other things demanding their time and attention. They have a group of adults willing to stand shoulder to shoulder, march in to the muck and mire of student ministry, and do battle on behalf of these students. It was encouraging to see a group of adults sitting around a table passionate about their youth and hungry for resources to better equip them to make an eternal difference in the lives of teenagers on Bolivar Peninsula.

Volunteer youth workers, how much time have you spent lately seeking advice/training/knowledge on how to be a more effective volunteer? Youth Ministers, how much time have you spent lately laying out training/resources/material to invest in the volunteers that help to make you successful?

So what’s the point?
Youth workers, do you see your ministry as being a warm body? Or discipling students? If you’re discipling, you should be growing spiritually and ministerially. You should be spending some sort of time becoming better at what you do and how you serve.
Youth Ministers, are you like me where you are so focused on your students or the next event that your volunteer staff get your left overs? What would your ministry look like if we cut back 30% of our focus from our students and placed it on our volunteer team? What would happen if you were equipping them to be stronger in what they do and they were able to not only offset that 30%, but truly be co-laborers with you in y’all’s youth ministry? There is no way I could function without my student ministry staff of volunteers; however, I also know I am doing a subpar job of investing in them.

In my opinion, a minister that does not equip his volunteers ends up losing his volunteers.

A minister without strong, consistent volunteers ends up burnt out.


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