How Will Our Students Handle the Unexpected Snowstorm?

In the fall of 1983 a crazy snow storm closed Yellowstone Park for 6 weeks. Tourists, employees, and even park rangers weren’t allowed access to the park. Once the roads cleared and the park opened, rangers found scores of bears dead throughout the park. After they were examined it was found that the bears had starved to death. The bears had become so dependent on the food left around the park by people that they had forgotten how to feed themselves.

How close could this be applied to our students? The bears had become so dependent on the hands that fed them, that when crisis hit they didn’t know how to feed themselves.

This may not apply to every student in our Student Ministry at Central, but this question has been heavy on my mind for a little while. I think it points to the importance of discipleship that equips students within our student ministry. This has challenged me to evaluate and reconsider how I teach.

I don’t know that there is a concrete outline or only one way to do this, but I think the challenge is for us as teachers and leaders to be intentional and challenge ourselves to not settle for what’s easy. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions on how you can equip students to feed themselves when the storms of life hit and we aren’t there to spoon-feed them.

(You can’t lead them where you have not been or are not going.)

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