Second-Hand Vacation

Imagine you have a friend that spends a month vacationing in the Caribbean, or climbing through the Alps, or whatever else you can think of. Then imagine they meet you for lunch and show you pictures, tell you stories, and really build it up as the best thing you could ever do.

What would you say? Probably something to extent of, “Man! I’d really like to go there!” Now, imagine their response being, “Nah, just meet me for lunch once a week and I’ll tell you all about my experience.”

Can I be honest? Sometimes in ministry the temptation is for us as teachers, leaders, pastors, can be to put the emphasis on our experiences and we fail to take those we’re leading to where we’ve been/are. I often say that we want students to graduate owning their faith, not living the faith of their parents or church. We must be intentional in not just relaying our experiences of Jesus, but leading our students to walk with Him on their own and develop their own experiences. We would never settle for a second-hand vacation, why would we expect our students to settle for a second-hand faith?



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