Am I a Leader? Or am I a Servant?

Full disclosure: This week’s youth ministry thought is regurgitated from my friend, and someone I greatly look up to, Johnny Derouen. I’ve sat under him in different youth worker training seminars/trainings/workshops/etc. over the past 8 years and the man continually challenges me in my faith, my walk, and student ministry. One day last week he posted the following on Facebook:

Interesting, the word “leader” is seldom used in the Bible (King James version only uses it 6 times). Much more often, the role of leader is called “servant”! You don’t read God say, “Moses, my leader,” but “Moses, my servant.” The writers of the New Testament call themselves servants or slaves (doulas) of Jesus. This is what Jesus taught. (I Tim. 4:6) Jesus taught that He, Himself, came not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45). But when Jesus used the term “servant”, it was a synonym for greatness! It was and is a revolutionary idea and still is! (Nasser). Our King, Jesus, taught that the church is to be a community of people who serve each other!! Galatians 5:13.
Securing our own comforts is a much more common thought in today’s church, BUT Jesus’ requirement for followers of Him, especially leaders, is to serve each other in love. Ask Jesus to continue to build our church to have this attitude! Thanks!


So, this thought has been on my mind a lot through the weekend… I feel like I try to emphasize the importance of servanthood and leading through serving with our students, but sometimes that gets lost in the communicating with adults. Since I read this I’ve asked God, “where am I leading through serving, as a Student Minister and as a Christian man?”

For me, I’ve been challenged with the question of where/what am I leading people to? I think of my three boys and I wonder, am I leading them to church attendance (because we are always there)? Or am I leading them to Christlikeness (because they see Jesus in me)? The same can be asked regarding how I lead our students, and how I lead you guys, the adults in our student ministry).

I don’t know what this means for you… This really isn’t as much of a “Student Ministry thought” as it is a “Christian Life thought.” Nevertheless, there’s my random (regurgitated) thought for the week.

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