National Chick-Fil-A Day!!!

***This post is being written with no rough draft, only an outline written on a Post-It note, so excuse the Ramblings***

Since it is National CFA day (or national hate-gay day, depending on whose facebook you’re reading), I thought I’d throw my opinion out there to my 4 or 5 subscribers (you really should subscribe to my blog… you know it’s riveting).

I must start by saying that I am un-apologetically against Same-Sex Marriage. I believe Scripture is clear that homosexuality is sin and that God’s intent for marriage was (and is) one man, one woman, for life. Some of you may say that “I don’t believe in same-sex marriage, but I believe in the freedom for others to choose,”  I politely disagree with you.  We as people should vote & speak up according to our moral standards.  You do have every right to do whatever you choose.  But there are things that I cannot & will not support or condone because it clearly contradicts God’s W0rd & my moral standards… and I will vote according to my convictions (from God’s Word), not what I believe to be fare or not.

So, What Are My Convictions As A Christian?

If I claim to be a Christ-follower, then my heart should mirror Christ’s heart:

  • My heart should break at sin in the lives of others
  • My heart should be burdened for the salvation of others
  • My heart should rejoice at the redemption of others
  • My heart should LOVE sinners while confronting the sin

The sin we should be broken over is not limited to the sin we Don’t Struggle With… Christians are so caught up in calling out the sins of the world that we fail to see the sins in our own lives & our own churches… What about abortion, divorce, abuse, drunkeness, addictions?

Let’s get a little more personal & ask: what about profane speech & course language  from the mouths of Christians, apathy in the church, Christians who are not taking the message of salvation to the non-Christians because they’re so stinking comfortable doing nothing? What about anger & bitterness towards a brother in Christ, not tithing, being antagonistic towards a ministry or minister in the church, being malicious towards your church leadership, not serving in the church b/c your priorities are so backwards you’d rather complain that you don’t like it?

What Is Our Responsibility As Christians?

  • Be Bold – Call sin what it is… Homosexuality, Abortion, Pornography, Sex outside of marriage, judging othershating your ‘enemy’, being divisive in the body of Christ,  it is sin… and each one of these breaks God’s heart, and should break yours as well…
  • Be Christ –  you are the light in the darkness, you carry the love of Christ in your heart… Don’t hide the light & never go out… Don’t think God’s love was given to you for you to keep and share with whomever lives like you… Let people see Jesus Christ in EVERYTHING you do/say/post on facebook
  • Don’t be Hateful – Confront sin & don’t apologize for what you believe, but LOVE PEOPLE!!!

(I guess I should post about CFA now, huh?… I believe that 2 issues are at hand: 1) Same Sex Marriage & 2) Freedom of Speech.  For the first issue, re-read the above post. As far as #2, Mr. Cathy has every right in the world to express his convictions.  We’ve never heard of a CFA refusing to hire or serve a homosexual.  We’ve never heard of any employee being rude to a homosexual (or ANYone for that matter).  The GLBT community is more than welcomed to send money to companies that support Gay Rights, and more than welcomed to refuse to spend money at possibly the only national chain who’s CEO/President publicly disagrees with Same-Sex Marriage.  I am going to CFA tonight with my incoming Seniors & my graduating Seniors in my Student Ministry, not because of some big political stand, but b/c I like fellowship, I like to eat, & I LOVE CHICK-FIL-A… My opinion: some Christians are more caught up in CFA day than they are determined to being at their church’s prayer meeting tonight to ask  that God brings revival to this country… We don’t need “National Chick-Fil-A Day”, we need Salvation that comes through Jesus Christ, not a politician or a chicken sandwich…  Though them waffle fries GO HARD!!)

Now, I welcome any comments, questions, discussion, etc.  As long as you understand 2 things: 1) You won’t change my mind, 2) If you can’t control the words you’re typing, I will delete your comment for you…

Thanks for reading, If you like it, Repost It!!!

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5 thoughts on “National Chick-Fil-A Day!!!

  1. Thomas,

    Thank you for an intelligent post about this topic.

    “Don’t be Hateful” Confront sin and don’t apologize for what you believe in, but LOVE PEOPLE!!!”
    I really love this.

    Aunt Cindy


    1. I didn’t think it looked right… And went back and forth about how I should spell it… Thank you for settling it for me!
      Btw: it is “Random” & without rough drafting…


  2. I am proud of the way you see and respect God’s Word for truth. I agree with you and make no apologies for not agreeing with same sex marriage (or the other sins you listed as well). Thank you for being a true man of God.


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