Basketball is Over… Now What?

(It’s late in the afternoon, & this is heavy on my heart, so I’m just going to start typing & see where it ends.  It may not flow very well, but neither do my thoughts.)


So… here’s my thoughts on this weekend’s events:

Some say that the only reason our Tenaha Tigers are not on a bus bound for Austin right now is b/c we were playing a 5 on 8 basketball game Saturday in the Regional Championship. I really don’t even want to address the weekend other than saying that our boys played hard & I couldn’t be more proud of them… whether they were last in district or first in the state I’m still proud of them & words cannot express how grateful I am for getting to go along for the ride & walk through this season with them. I’m proud to wear my Tenaha shirt & proud to claim them as “My Boys”.

With that said, the question I want to ask each player (and fan) is this: “What Now?” Some will be on to play next year for the Tigers, others may play in college, others may not ever suit up again. But what’s next for you? Trophies will eventually rust & corrode, rings will end up lost, stolen, or on someone else’s finger. Memories become legends that eventually fade away or become so embellished they become fiction.

I am in no means against success, drive, achievements, or athletics.  All these things are great ways to use the talents God has given us… But there is something more than that.  There is a void that is each one of our lives that can be filled by only one thing.  Not trophies, rings, achievements, accolades, Honor Roll, or money. Not friends, sex, drugs, alcohol.  That void can only be filled with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Can I encourage you not to let the rest of your life be about what you did in High School?  Can I encourage you not to walk through your life looking back at what you DID (whether it was good or bad)?  All of the achievements & “stuff” of this world will not last forever, but a relationship with God will.  The Bible says that your mistakes separate you from God.  But Jesus paid a perfect price to wash those mistakes away.  This Wednesday at BattleCry, we’ll be looking at what Scripture says is the ONLY way to Heaven.

I pray that the rest of your life will be spent looking not to college graduation, not to retirement, not to the day you die, but to eternity.  Where will you spend it? Heaven? or Hell?  I Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whether you eat or drink, whatever you do; do it all for the glory of God.”  I Challenge you to spend the rest of your life bringing glory to God by your actions, attitude, or language.  Don’t focus on just right now, look to where you’re going to spend eternity!


Thanks, & God Bless!

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