Using Media To Share News…

So, this week in Sunday School, our lesson was on how we can use media to share the good news of Christ & my challenge was: share part of your testimony through blog, text, facebook, etc. & include a link to  Those that met the challenge will be able to pick a meal from Whistle Stop or TigerStop this week or next & I’ll bring it to them at school.

So, below is MY fulfillment of said challenge… (They could even share their’s through a blog comment on my page!)


Life isn’t always easy… Life is rarely “fair,” at least by our definition… Sometimes junk happens and it’s out of our control… Because of situations in life, during my 7th-9th grade years I was dealing with some bitterness and anger.  I made choices I shouldn’t have, said things I shouldn’t have, and hung out with friends I shouldn’t have.  I never did the “Big Sins”… no drugs, no sex before marriage, etc. and I made great grades & most teachers liked me… The anger led to a little fighting which led to unjustified prejudices towards others (due to social differences, financial differences, racial differences, etc.).  You see, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior around 7th grade, but wasn’t active in church & never began to grow in a relationship with Him.  I had the assurance of salvation (which believe me brought plenty of conviction), but I let Satan keep control of my choices.

My family moved during the summer before 10th grade and we plugged into a church.  I knew that this was the chance for me to start over… new school, new church, new group of friends to choose from.  I chose to surround myself with friends that would encourage me in my walk with Christ.  We were always hanging out which kept me out of a lot of trouble.  The summer after 10th grade our church participated in a mission trip to Cameron, TX.  During that trip, plus a week at youth camp, God began putting a burden in my heart.  That July, I surrendered to God’s call to ministry.  I didn’t know what, where, or how, but I knew God had a plan & a purpose.  I was fortunate enough to be a part of a church that let me help in different facets of ministry… from children’s ministry to helping in second Sunday School with other High School guys.

I wish I could say I never screwed up & I always did what’s right, but that would be a lie.  I’ve been on staff at 2 different churches for almost 7 years total.  I love students & all that God has me in the middle of right now.  It’s usually fun, not always easy, & comes with stress that you don’t get to just leave at home.  God has put such a burden in my heart (& Jenny’s) for the students, and adults,  that He ministers to through us.  So much so that I loose sleep at night when I know they’re hurting.  It breaks my heart to see the situations some of our kids are struggling through.  My heart also breaks when I see the potential some have to truly grow in their faith, but they put no effort into it.  I don’t have all the answers, but here’s a few of God’s truths that I wish every student (and adult) would hear and hold on to:

Everyone has made mistakes… (Romans 3:23)

Our mistakes have a penalty… Those mistakes separate us from God because He sinless (never made a mistake).  That separation will lead us straight to Hell. (Romans 6:23)

The penalty was paid by Jesus… Our only hope is Jesus Christ.  He lived a perfect life, was tortured, hung on a cross, and died an awful death to pay for our mistakes.  Three days later he defeated death & rose again (that’s why we celebrate Easter). (John 3:16, Romans 5:8)

Salvation is a free gift…  All we have to do is turn from our mistakes & give our life to Jesus Christ. (Romans 6:23)

Accepting this free gift is easy and is available to Everyone (Romans 10:9-10, 13)

-As a Christian, you are NEVER alone… no matter what is going on! (Hebrews 13:5)

-Sometimes life sucks… God is still in control, He has a plan, He wants to use you in a way that is mightier than you will ever understand! (Jeremiah 29:11)


My question/challenge to you is this: Do you have the assurance of knowing that your eternity will be spent in Heaven with Jesus Christ?  If not, what’s stopping you?  I’d love to tell you more about who Jesus is to me & the peace that comes from knowing Him!  If you do have that assurance, share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone!  Don’t keep it to yourself!


God Bless!

-Bro. T


6 thoughts on “Using Media To Share News…

    1. Hey T and J, Yall managed to be good role models in highschool even with all the pressures of typical teenage drama. T, you were hiliarious back then so I bet your youth groups are really fun.
      I am proud to say that I know you both.

      ~Kim (Vickery) Orms


      1. Kim, thanks for the encouragement!!… somehow over the past 8-9 years since HS I think I’ve become a lot less hilarious, LoL… I do hope my youth still have fun, though!


  1. I would like to thank you for being there for the kids! I thank god for sending you to my kids life they now have someone who is positive in there life that can help them understand and help them make good choices in there daily choices…I to have made some wrong choices but had someone special to help me! so it always help’s to have that one person say it is ok we all made mistakes but it is not the road we will travel agian… thank’s Tonya


    1. Thanks Mrs. Tonya! You’ve got some great boys and I appreciate the opportunity y’all give me to hang with your kids… and THANKS for helping at BattleCry last night!


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