My Week…

So, this weekend I posted on Facebook that I was ready to get to the office so I could post a blog.  I’d been brainstorming for a few days knew what I was going to blog about.  However, I woke up to a text message regarding an accident involving 2 of my students & one that had graduated a year & a half ago… the two in our Student Ministry were 17 & 18 years old.  The graduate was 19-20.  They were all sisters from a family that I have been able to get to know really well over the past 3.5 years.  

The 17 & 18 year old both passed away at the scene of the accident.  There was a 14 y.o. girl driving the pickup, whose condition I’m not sure of.  

You know… I went to school at a quaint little Baptist University (ETBU) that did it’s best to prepare me to: create a budget, di-sect a passage of scripture, play some cool games, get a grasp on interpreting Scripture, etc.

What it didn’t prepare me for was how to take part in performing a funeral for teenagers in your group, how to encourage families through this loss, etc.

This has made me think a lot… Do we take for granted the calling we’ve been entrusted to as Christians?  Are we making disciples of all nations? We’ve been running 50-60 students on Wednesday nights at BattleCry.  Are we viewing them as bodies in a chair, or souls bound for one eternal destination or another?  Are we pouring everything we can into their lives to prepare them to make that decision?  

What about in the church body?  Are we doing everything we can to take Christ to the people around us?  Are we too guarded & reserved around people like us… so guarded that we may miss the privilege of introducing Christ to that person.


My heart is heavy today, not just for Danielle & Victoria not just for the DPS officer who responded first to the scene, but for those in this community (young & old) who do not have hope for their eternity… for us in this community that have the assurance of their salvation, but choose to hold on to that assurance due to whatever issues they may harbor…


Here’s a link to the online news report:

One thought on “My Week…

  1. Wow, Thomas…very touching. I am so proud to have you in my family, you are a great son-in-law. I pray for you every day.


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