God’s Left Jab-Right Hook Combo…

So, I have come to the realization that there are times in our life when we need to stop & remember… where we came from, what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, where’s our priorities, etc.  Which brings me to two conversations I’ve had over the past few months with one student.

There’s a kid in Tenaha (not in our Student Ministry) that I have gotten to be minimal acquaintances with through being at the school all the time.  I don’t know much about this student other than their name, grade, & just recently, what church they go to. They seem to be a good kid, more respectful than most. Other than that… I don’t know.

Both conversations happened at the “Tenaha Mall” (Rinkle’s Grocery & Gas) because let’s face it, outside of football & basketball games, Rinkle’s is the social hub of the town… The first question was this: “Hey Bro. Thomas, why did you choose to be a youth minister?”… my response began with, “uhhhhhh… well…” and ended with my cookie-cutter answer that I’ve shared dozens of times while sharing my testimony.  God brought me through some stuff in my past that I was bitter about.  In High School as was spending a lot of time asking God “Why?” and he showed me that he brought me through all that to enable me to walk with students going through the same stuff & worse.  God used my past to shape my future.  I just had to get out of the way & let Him.

The second question came from the same student, at the same social-hub, with the same out of the clear blue surprise, a few months later… “Hey Bro. Thomas, how much time do you spend praying a week?”… it was met with my same beginning to my response, “uhhhhhh… well…”

God has been using these two questions to whoop up on me with a Left Jab-Right Hook Combo… 

Here’s the Left Jab… So often I get caught up in the stuff; calendaring, meetings, planning, organizing, drama, politics, crossing T’s & dotting I’s, even the teaching part, that I forsake why I even followed God’s call to Student Ministry.  Not for the paycheck, the camps, the free T-Shirts, the summer diet of donuts, pizza, nachos, & Mountain Dew… I’m a Student Minister because I want to walk with students through the crap that life throws at them… Life is tough, and some kids don’t have adults in their life that will SHOW them how to trust in God & let Him use our past to shape & prepare us for our future.  I believe that God has amazing things in store for the lives of these students, & I want God to use me to equip them for whatever that is.

The Right Hook… My prayer life affects SO MANY MORE THAN ME!  Yes, it happens in my closet, yes, besides God, I’m the only one who knows the time I’m truly spending in prayer & Bible Study; however, when I slack off & forego my walk with God, it affects me, my family, my students, my leadership ability, even my church family… 

I’ve got to keep in focus why I do what I do & keep in mind the ones that are effected by my spiritual walk, both directly & indirectly… and I recommend you do the same thing… 


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