SO, if you know me, you likely know that I am passionately Pro-Life… and from a Christian perspective.  What that means is I believe God opens & closes the womb.  I believe he creates life at the point of conception.  I believe that when we choose abortion, we are saying God’s action of creating life is not the best; moreover, we choose to kill an innocent unborn child.

Before I get to where I’m going, let’s digress for clarification’s sake… We live in a sinful world…  rape & incest happen… sin is not God’s desire or his plan.  He doesn’t want to see anyone hurt one of his children; however, God can make good things come from our mistakes & the mistakes of others.  That child that was created by God through a one-night stand or broken condom or rape has the hand of God on him/her every bit as much as the child conceived in wedlock by a happy mom & dad.  I don’t believe that God shows partiality between the two children… we do. 

With all that said, I believe abortion is wrong, no matter the circumstance.  God knows the situation we are in when he creates life, we don’t have to explain it to him.  I know this is tough for some of us to go along with, but it’s how I believe God has designed it, & that’s where I stand.

Also, there’s a place in Nacogdoches called Heartbeat Pregnancy Center ( that Jenny and I are supportive of (as are many members of our church as well).  In the weeks between Mother’s Day & Father’s Day we collect baby items to help mothers who choose life.  In October we go to their banquet & provide support for Heartbeat’s annual budget (for the past 3 years, little ‘ol FBC Tenaha has had the largest group of any organization represented… just FYI).

Now on to my rambling… I’m not sure what spurred this (an article in magazine, email, book, comment from someone, Holy Spirit) but it has been come-and-go in my mind for the past few months.  The question that keeps coming to my mind is, “How can we as Christians be so supportive of Heartbeat Pregnancy Center & so adamantly Pro-Life, but not do much from the adoption end?”  (Stereotype warning:)  The typical Christian Church is supportive of the Pro-Life movement.  We raise money, provide counseling, go to the banquet… We tell these pregnant mothers (of all ages) that God has a purpose for this kids life, he wants to provide for you & your baby, abortion is wrong, God is in control, etc., etc.  But what are we doing to walk with them through this time.  Once they choose to birth their child, we feel as though the battle has been won.  But that’s just the beginning.  Why aren’t we walking with this new mother & showing her who God is?  Why aren’t we taking Christ to her & her new family?  Why do we think that our Christian obligation is fulfilled?

Should we as Christians be just as strongly supportive of adoption as we are of the Pro-Life movement?  How awesome would it be to tell one of these mothers that wants to get rid of their unborn child, “if you carry this child to term, my family will adopt it & love it as our own”?  What if we actually TOOK CHRIST to that baby by bringing that baby to our Christian home.  I’ve never been in foster care, but I’ve seen some homes that are AMAZING… the foster parents love on these kids & use every day they have to show them the love of Christ.  I’ve also seen homes that are AWEFUL… they seem more concerned about the assistant check than helping the kid.

So, what do you think?  Should we, as Christians, be more involved in the follow-through of our Pro-Life Convictions?  I’d love to hear your opinions & feedback!

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3 thoughts on “Conviction?

  1. I do believe that Christians (as a collective whole) do miss the mark on putting to action our beliefs. While I cannot classify myself as “pro-life,” I am anti-abortion. I think that adoption SHOULD be highlighted more and encouraged. If we are to truly make the world see who God is, it needs to be in our actions and our quiet and gentle spirit. I think it would be amazing if Christians were known as those who love others.


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