My First “Official” Post…

This post if based on my perceptions & feelings… nobody’s specific words used in conversation… please don’t get defensive… 

Sometimes I really think it would be easier if people around me simply think like I think.  I know this is not true, but it seems as though MY life would often times go a lot smoother…  This will sound VERY conceited, but believe me when I say I don’t mean it that way: I’m not necessarily the smartest guy around, but I’m definitely not stupid.  Have you ever tried to voice your opinion or conviction about a topic that you really feel as though you are a little knowledgeable in, yet people around you completely disregard everything you say?  Or they write you off as a kid that hasn’t ever “lived in the real world”; therefore, you have no clue what you’re talking about?  It’s really frustrating!!  It seems as though many times what I have to say is discounted as irrelevant before the words even come off my tongue…  

I mean, I don’t know everything about everything, but I went to school and majored in Religion… specifically Youth Ministry & Church Administration.  I am not an authority on ANY theological or ministerial topic… I am FAR from it!  I am fully aware that I’ve only been in vocational ministry for 6 years & that I’ve only been on staff here in a full-time position for 3 years.  I know that I haven’t had the decisions of the church resting on my shoulders.  I know that you were here when I got here, & you’ll be here when I leave.  I know that in the grand scheme of this church’s life , I am a mere drop in the bucket.  I know that I haven’t raised teenagers & haven’t had to discipline teens of my own.  I know that I’ve only been out of school for 8 years (I’m 26 in case your math is slow).  I don’t need you to remind me of any of this… However, I also have a rather different perspective than you.  It WASN’T that long ago that I was a high school student.  It wasn’t that long ago that I made tons of stupid decisions & deserved to be corrected.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was faced with balancing my faith in Christ with the expectations of the world, expectations of my family, expectations of my school, etc.  I’ve been there!  I’m not some cookie-cutter kid that grew up in that cookie-cutter baptist home & attended that cookie-cutter youth group because my cookie-cutter parents taught Sunday School & served as deacons.  I’m still trying to process this complacent cookie-cutter Christianity with what God’s Word says & all I know is that WE as the church (stereotype) have completely fallen off the wagon!  Our Faith is no longer a faith of Reckless Abandon… it is wrapped up in sitting & waiting!!

I’m probably wrong, but I feel as though we have become so cautious in our American life that it’s affected our faith.  We calculate every step; which is not a bad thing.  We should “figure the cost before we build a house.”  It would be stupid to make an investment before we did our research… but are we so cautious that we’re frozen still? Are we so wrapped up in counting the cost that we never make the investment?  Yes, we might put all of our chips in & fall flat on our face… that doesn’t mean it wasn’t God’s will.  It just means we’re now at a point where we have no choice but to rely on God’s resources to get us back on our feet!  This post is not about money, missions, a building project, or any other thing, it is about a committed walk that Follows Christ wherever he leads us… financially, ministerially, & structurally!  If we could only spend less time sitting, counting, & waiting, and spend more time praying, seeking, & finding God’s will, I think we’d be a much more effective church!

So, I invite you… think like me!

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