“I Am Not A Racist”: my thoughts on racism

Life has a way of shaping each one of us, does it not? Our upbringing, our peer group, our neighborhood, our teachers, our education, and the list goes on. From a child we are engrained with certain thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors. For me there were some pillars of my early childhood development for which […]

Am I Going to Plan It All Out? Or Faithfully Obey?

Currently I am meeting with a former student on Friday mornings and we’re qorking through Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God. It is a phenomenal study that I have gone through many times since High School (albeit the first 3-4 times I took the class I didn’t finish because it’s 13 weeks and I don’t finish things […]

Why I’m Grateful for COVID-19

Let me clarify… my heart breaks for those who have lost family members and friends to the Corona virus. But as I wrote in my last post, I am working to push myself to find reasons and opportunities to worship Him in the midst of difficulties as well as on the mountain top. Never have […]

My Darkest Week

It’s been two months… Two months of praying, reading, and searching. Two months of struggling to put my thoughts into a cognitive string of words that adequately convey how I feel. I’m praying that now may be the time to give it shot. On Saturday, February 15th, I loaded my bags in the church bus, […]

Fifteen Years Coming to A Close

Last night was kind of a big deal to my family. I tried tweeting about it, but as this post will show, 280 characters could not begin to capture my thoughts and emotions. It is very difficult to put all of what I feel into words, but I want to try and share some of […]

What is it worth to you?

Central Student Ministry has had a great, and busy, summer! Vacation Bible School was the last week of June, the very next day we left for our Seattle HS Mission Trip until June 6th. It was followed by a “normal” week, then a small crew went to PraiseWorks at Ouachita Baptist University, and last week […]

Help Them Take One Step At A Time

A while back I posted that our goal as Student Ministry Staff should be to assess where each student is and help them take the necessary step to get to the next step in their spiritual walk. We should be asking,  “What’s Next?” We’re simply pointing them in the right direction, equipping them to take […]

Show Them You Care

Central’s Student Ministry Staff strives to equip students to follow Jesus and develop into committed Christians as they navigate the teenage years into adulthood. We do that through teaching, discipling, and building relationships. Knowing a student’s name is only the first step to building relationships with our students that foster discipleship. We show them we […]

Hey… Man!

Oh, they know… They know we don’t know them, but they also know when we are really trying to learn their name. Then they rejoice with us when we finally remember their name.